Monday, January 24, 2011

Living Hebrew

"Living Hebrew," by long-standing member of the Ecumenical Fraternity Yohanan Elihay, is a book & disc set published by Minerva Publishing House in Jerusalem. 

"This book and the accompanying discs allow you to hear 4000 every-day phrases which cover all the different Hebrew verb forms, in order of descending difficulty - from the simplest (No 1) to the most complicated (No 490). One page a day and in 4 months you will be using the verbs with ease. You will also have heard thousands of words and useful phrases - which you might otherwise only come across here and there, over several years. The course also exists in a version for French and Russian speakers, thousands of whom have already profited from using the book - which will remain a handy companion for years to come." (excerpt from Minerva's advertisement)

The cost of the set is 135 NIS not including shipping and handling. For more information or to place an order consult: or call (972 2) 566-1612. The set is also available at